• Samantha

Your Privacy matters to Viper

Viper is a organization that takes privacy very very seriously.

  1. Stage Names for Cam Models. All performers appear under an assumed identity known as your "Stage Name". Your real identity will never appear anywhere on our site. 

  2. Location Blocking for Webcams. Block individual U.S. states or entire countries from viewing your profile. Never worry about running into your neighbors. 

  3. 1 on 1 Webcam Chat. Our site's specialty is 1 on 1 shows between the performer and client. Any "adult work" that may or may not go on takes place in the privacy of a 1 on 1 secure chatroom.

  4. Work From Home. No in-person interviews. No casting couch.

  5. Discreet Secure Payments. Payments are sent via a discreetly named third-party company. Apply today at https://www.viperentertainment.com/webcam-models-signup