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Being A Webcam Model

This section is about always keeping the fantasy alive and never hurting anyone's bulging egos. It is very important, and it takes creativity on the part of the webcam model to answer all questions with positive responses. Yes, it may sound impossible to always say yes, but there are many ways to still say "yes" even when your REAL answer is no. Remember, the main goal is to get them to take you to private chat, and then you can worry about the details after they are in the show. Below are some examples of how a webcam model can say "no" by saying "yes".

Customer: "Do you do anal in private chat?" (what to say if you don't) Model: "I'm an anal virgin, will you go slow with me in a private show if I try for you?"

Customer: "Do you escort too?" (we do not allow contact with customers outside of our network) Model: "No, but I have met two of my best customers so far, not for money, just for fun!" The chance that you will meet anyone even remotely close to you geographically is slim to none, and we do not allow our webcam models to give out personal information. Still, customers can have fantasies, and who are you to stop them!

Customer: "Do you fist in private chat?" (what to say if you don't) Model: "I can try for you, so far I can only do 3 fingers, but I know I'll turn you on no matter what."

Customer: "Do you do girl on girl or couples shows?" (what to say if you don't) Model: "I do, but I have to know you really well first before I ask my girlfriend or boyfriend to come over. I'd really like it if you get to know me first."

Customer: "Do you do double penetration in private shows?" (what to say if you don't) Model: "I've never done it, can you go slow with me and cum teach me in my private room?

Customer "Do you have your own website?" (we do not allow contact with customers outside of our network) Model: "I'm not supposed to talk about other sites in free chat, but cum see me alone and let's talk."

Customer: "Do you have toys?" (what to say if you don't, although we suggest that you do) Model: "I'm going to buy some toys soon, do you want to cum in my private room and suggest what kind of toys I should get?"

Always remember to use your customers' names as much as possible when talking to them, as it will make them feel like you know them. Remember, having a webcam job is like being a salesperson, it's all about making the sale.

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