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How do webcam girls make money?

When I started working as a cam girl, I searched on google”how do cam girls make money?” There are many ways to make money with webcam. But as a webcam model, we are always looking for ways to earn on and off cam.  So in other articles, we have discussed what to do when it’s slow. You can find other articles in regards to that on this website.  Let’s talk about logging off for a little while and making content that can be residual income.  All you need is your webcam, a program like Windows Movie Maker, your pretty self, and your imagination.

So how do webcam girls make money when it’s slow, traffic sucks and nobody is coming to your room?  Well, we normally use our tip menus.  Then there are days, nobody is tipping.  Some girls will make additional money by selling their videos or clips or offer to make a custom clip to their cam customers.

So let’s talk about this, perhaps you have never made a video you could sell while on cam.  Most of the camsites nowadays will allow you to sell your clips or videos, because if you’re getting tipped for it, well they are getting money in their pockets as well.  Not for nothing its a great filler on the slow days.

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