• Samantha

Best Webcams for Webcam Models

The BCC950 has one key selling point. A remote. Finding a good webcam with a remote was impossible for a long time. The image quality is nothing to complain about. It looks great and the added ability to remotely change the view and zoom in/out makes it attractive if you want that option. The BCC950 has a major drawback of being a good bit more expensive than the C930e.

Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Video Conference Webcam, HD 1080p Camera with Built-In Speakerphone


Webcam Without Remote

We have been recommending this Logitech series for years and have yet to receive negative feedback from anyone. The C930e is the newest version. We had still been recommending the C920 up until this post, but the price of the C930e has come down enough to make it qualify as the best in breed for the $70-$100 price point. The image quality on the C930e is absolutely outstanding.